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Qualified Real Estate and Home Appraisers

When you need a residential real estate appraisal in southern Maine, turn to Pietroski & Company, located in Falmouth. With more than 30 years of experience and all the latest technology on our side, we have the skills and knowledge to offer you accurate and reliable home appraisals. If you're preparing to sell your home, relocate, or planning your estate, we offer high-quality home, townhouse, and condominium appraisals.

New Condominium

Various Types of Residential Dwellings

Whether you own a single-family home or a condominium unit, our team is able to accurately appraise the value of a wide variety of residential properties. Get in touch with us whenever you need an appraisal on a single-family dwelling, condominium, townhouse, manufactured or modular house, island property, or multi-family dwelling.

Relocation Appraisals

If you're relocating for work, we're able to provide a relocation appraisal on your current residence. These appraisals differ from regular appraisals because they reflect the anticipated sale price of your property rather than the actual long-term value of it. In addition to actual relocation appraisals, we're able to review appraisals you have already received.

Appraisals for Any Use

No matter what you're using your appraisal for, we're able to provide an accurate portrayal of the value of your real estate. Some of the uses people have used our appraisals for include:

• Giving Property as Gifts
• Planning an Estate
• Settling an Estate
• Entering Litigation
• Pricing for Sale
• Relocation